A Flexible and Effective Training Solution

  • Scalable

    From small teams to large, we can accommodate your training needs.

  • Customizable

    Choose from our pre-built courses choose just the materials that suit your needs.

  • Efficient

    Same day onboarding at a cost that fits any training budget.

NES Global Talent

A competitive edge versus their competitors.

Learn how NES Global Talent was able to enhance its internal learning program with licensed oil and gas learning content. By loading our content onto their LMS, 300 global talent staff members quickly gained access to key learning content.

L.E.K. Consulting

New Market Expansion

LEK Consulting needed an oil and gas training solution that was flexible enough to support a new Houston office whose team had varying degrees of industry experience. Our Oil 201 course allows for same-day onboarding and the ability for associates to access the lessons that are most relevant to their learning and client support needs at any time. Find out how.

Take on the oil and gas industry with confidence.

Support your teams with the knowledge they need to succeed.