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Refining Operations

John Denson

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Refining operation


Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Refining Operations

    2. How to use this course

    1. Introduction to Refining: Learning Objectives

    2. Introduction to Refining: Video

    3. Introduction to Refining: Review

    4. Introduction to Refining: eBook

    5. Introduction to Refining: Learning Check

    6. Introduction to Refining: Questions or Comments?

    1. Crude Oil Characteristics: Learning Objectives

    2. Crude Oil Characteristics: Video

    3. Crude Oil Characteristics: Review

    4. Crude Oil Characteristics: eBook

    5. Crude Oil Characteristics: Learning Check

    6. Crude Oil Characteristics: Questions or Comments?

    1. General Refinery Layout: Learning Objectives

    2. General Refinery Layout: Video

    3. General Refinery Layout: Review

    4. General Refinery Layout: eBook

    5. General Refinery Layout: Learning Check

    6. General Refinery Layout: Questions or Comments?

    1. Preparation and Separation: Learning Objectives

    2. Preparation and Separation: Video

    3. Preparation and Separation: Review

    4. Preparation and Separation: eBook

    5. Preparation and Separation: Learning Check

    6. Preparation and Separation: Questions or Comments?

    1. Conversion: Learning Objectives

    2. Conversion: Video

    3. Conversion: Review

    4. Conversion: eBook

    5. Conversion: Learning Check

    6. Conversion: Questions or Comments?

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